Ulusal Radio Television (URT) has participated in co-productions with producers from many countries and has acted as local producer for large American companies. URT has co-produced programs with many producers from the USA, Germany, France, Italy amd many other countries.

Among them are productions like “The Treasure of Priamus” and “In der Sackgasse” with Norddeutsche Rundfunk, “Les Trois Flocons” directed by Peter Kassowitz and “The Love Boat” with Aaron Spelling productions Ulusal also carried out the implemented production of vast numbers of documentarial programs.

Ulusal, with its rich equipment park, experienced team and the vast know-how of co-production projects, is ready to offer production services to foreign companies' productions in Turkey, which is a natural set offering endless altenatives for unique locations.

Ulusal's facilities are located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus Strait, next to the main roads and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Ulusal has immediate access to each and every region of metropolitan Istanbul.

For your co-production queries, please contact at(90) 216 425 12 50 by phone, and at (90) 425 12 69 by fax, and by e-mail to