Ulusal Radio Television is a legend in Turkish television history.

Under the leadership of experienced producer Türker İnanoğlu, Ulusal was the pioneer of private sector television production with Turkey's first private sector broadcast quality TV equipment, first video post-production systems for advertisers, first OB van, live coverage of football matches for broadcasters, intensive Turkish dubbing services for Turkish State Television - TRT, production of the first weekly music and entertainment program produced for TRT which lasted for six years, 52 weeks a year... and the list goes on.

Established in 1979, Ulusal quickly became the largest distributor of video cassettes for rental in video shops throughout Turkey.

In addition to marketing of films produced by Erler Film and programs purchased in Turkey and abroad, Ulusal also established multi-camera, live-to-tape production facilities for coverage of theater plays, beauty contests, concerts and similar events. This led the State Television TRT to choose Ulusal to produce the first music and entertainment from an outside source. This program was the unforgettable "Bir Baska Gece" (A Different Night) which succeeded to be screened on TRT every week –with no summer breaks- for six years.

Ulusal was the first in Turkey to provide broadcast-quality post-production facilities with full digital effects for advertisers.

Ulusal designed and installed satellite reception and closed-circuit distribution systems (SMATV-CATV-CCTV) for embassies, consulates, hotels and holiday villages.

Ulusal served as sub-contractor for the PTT in the installation of cable networks for Turkish cable television. Ulusal also designed and installed satellite reception and transmission systems for new commercial broadcasting companies all over Turkey.

And for years, Ulusal has served as a kind of 'school' for the Turkish television industry. Many technicians and production/direction/art personnel working in TV companies in Turkey learned their professions and gained experience in Ulusal. Set discipline, respect for the director, extreme care of equipment, great concern for video and audio quality and other professional details were learned through Ulusal discipline. Many broadcasters openly admit that they prefer job applicants who learned the basics of their pro-fessions at Ulusal. And many Ulusal assistant cameramen have gone on to win awards for their camera work both in Turkey and abroad.